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PS Photovoltaic Solar


Fabric based electrodes for several types of solar cells: Highly conductive foils (SEFAR TCS) and fabrics (SEFAR TCF) as electrodes for several types of solar cells.

PS Photovoltaic Solar
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Whether as a substrate to be coated or as a fabric to be laminated on top of solar cells, Sefar’s fabric-based electrodes work extremely well as highly efficient transparent electrodes. Larger cell sizes thus become a reality. Cost and time-consuming processes can be simplified or even eliminated, e.g. the printing of silver fingers can be avoided on the production line.

Silicon solar cells (c-Si, HIC, IBC) and inorganic thin film solar cells (CIGS, CdTe, a-Si)

SEFAR TCF containing special wires has the unique benefit of interconnecting solar cells or even replacing printed silver fingers at the same time. The fabric is specifically designed according to the technology`s needs.

SF_Mesh Technology_Solar-cell

Heterojunction solar cell without Ag fingers, SEFAR TCF laminated on top as current collector (replaces silver fingers) and interconnector (replaces ribbon tabbing), made in 2016 together with CSEM.

Dye sensitized solar cells (DSC)

SEFAR TCF and SEFAR TCS with corrosion resistant and highly conductive wires is the answer to the need for such transparent electrodes in the dye sensitized solar cell market, where corrosive electrolytes are generally used.

SF_Mesh Technology_DSC-flexible

Flexible DSC, 100 cm² single cell, using SEFAR TCF as current collector (ITO free).

Rigid DSC, 100 cm² single cell, SEFAR TCF as electrode (ITO free).

Organic solar cells (OPV)

The usely of high conductive semi-transparent fabrics as bottom and/or top electrodes allows the design of large area devices without being limited by the conductivity of the electrode materials.

Devices can be processed directly on SEFAR TCS Planar while SEFAR TCF can be laminated on top of OPV devices as non-printed highly conductive electrodes.

SF_Mesh Technology_OPV

OPV cell with laminated fabric as top electrode

Perovskite solar cells (PSC)

SEFAR TCS can be used in Perovskite solar cells as transparent electrode enabling large cells.

SF_Mesh Technology_Perosvskite

Perovskite solar cell, 12% efficiency (at 30% sun illumination), using SEFAR TCS Planar


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