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  • FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum belt 02

    Process Filtration

    Sefar responded to the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry by creating filtration products of the highest possible quality. Developed in partnership with the world’s top pharmaceutical manufacturers SEFAR PHARMA GMP products represent the safest level of security available today.

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    Filter Components

    Select the best filter configuration for the appliance industry. Precise woven filter fabrics in superior weaving quality, based on advanced production technology, provide best solutions to any filtration problem in appliance industries.

  • PS LP Graphics

    Screen Printing

    Graphical screen printing combines virtually all facets of screen printing; fine detail, vivid colors with high durability and exceptional finishes. The countless products decorated using screen printing for an individual character and ornate appearance, reflects the universal use of this printing process.

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    SEFAR Architecture stands for a completely new fabric generation. The use of special surface finishing and coating techniques opens up new fields of application in architecture.
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    Smart Fabrics

    Choose what properties you want your 'Smart fabric' to have...
    SEFAR PowerHeat is characterized by fast heat-up and excellent heat transfer. The fabric can be, among other things, pleated or injection-molded.

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    Please contact us to let us know about your specific fabrication requirements.