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Smart Fabrics

E-Textiles combine the advantages of two worlds – the flexible shape of polymeric fabrics and the functional flexibility of electronics. Sefar offers tailor made solutions for automotive, medical, airspace, solar and energy storage industries.

SF_Smart Fabrics_PowerHeat 02
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Smart Fabric | Smart Textile | e-Textile | Hybrid Fabric

Over the past few years, Sefar has developed an extensive technology portfolio for Smart Fabrics on the basis of electrically conductive fabrics. These fabrics are often used in industry as intermediate products. For example, the flexible, textile character of the fabric and its open knit (permeability) enable 3D deformation and integration into injection-molded parts. Fabrics for functional integration are unique. Entirely new applications would be impossible without them. Furthermore, the use of Sefar fabrics can radically simplify existing production processes.

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  • SF_Smart Fabrics_PowerHeat 01


    SEFAR PowerHeat fabric is a light and highly air permeable heating fabric. Our heating fabrics are made according to the customer’s needs.

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    Our fabrics are used for measuring physical variables. They are lightweight, have a high air-permeability and are used in the transport and security industries.

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    Sefar produces highly conductive foils and fabrics as transparent electrodes for lighting devices.

  • PS Photovoltaic Solar


    Fabric based electrodes for several types of solar cells.

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    SEFAR PowerShield fabrics are light and highly air permeable shielding fabrics with electromagnetic field attenuations up to 40 dB.

  • SF_Smart Fabrics_PowerGlow 08

    Fabric circuit board

    Sefar's fabric circuit board combines the flexible shape of fabrics and the functional flexibility of electronics.